Appetite for and after adventure!

When you have been hard at it all day; swimming, clambering, every type of sport then at some point stomachs begin to rumble! High time to fortify the inner man. Numerous bar and restaurant facilities cater to both large and small appetites. You will quickly spot the ‘short’ list! A reference not to shorter menus but to the tiny prices. And when on top of that you redeem the ‘Euroknallers’ you receive on arrival at the Park then the delicious food becomes a veritable feast. Thus vacation, in line with the vision of Oostappen Groep Vakantieparken, remains within everyone’s reach! There is also lots to choose from for those with a sweet tooth. The occasional ice cream or milkshake are vacation musts after all. And the ‘Happy & Healthy’ meals offer ample scope for sensible nutrition. All these colours, vacationers, tastes!

Together with friends and family enjoying tasty dishes and snacks while lounging on a waterfront terrace and watching the sun go down. Joining in a sing-along during a dinner show on the indoor village square or staying at ‘home’ and biting into steaming hot pizzas delivered to your comfort home. It can all be arranged at Oostappen. Does all this make your mouth water?

Did you know?

  1. All facilities are included
  2. Always the best prices
  3. Unique animation during all school holidays
  4. Successful for more than 30 years


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Oostappen parks

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With our holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium you are always assured of a wonderful holiday destination. Oostappen Vakantieparken - Holiday for everyone!

From 27 March 2020 you will be able to visit almost all Oostappen Holiday Parks again. Holiday Park Hengelhoef opens on 3 April. See you then!