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Oostappen Group Vacation Parks is one of the largest privately owned recreation enterprises in the Benelux. The philosophy of Oostappen Group Vacation Parks is that a top vacation should be accessible to all. The organization has the reputation in the industry of being a modern and trendsetting recreation enterprise, one with vision.

Peter Gillis, sole owner and founder of Oostappen Group Vacation Parks, has created rapid growth with his resolute actions have. With Parelstrand, Arnhem, De Berckt, Hengelhoef, Brugse Heide, Blauwe Meer and Prinsenmeer, the Group now operates ten high occupancy vacation parks. Collectively offering some 11,000 pitches. (635 hectares), 22.000 beds and an capacity of 42,000 persons per day during peak season periods. The parks are known for their full range of entertainment and amusement. They attract guests from mainly the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

This site gives you an impression of the Oostappen Group Vacation Parks; an organization where recreation is 'a way of life' and where we believe in the concept: Vacation for All! Click here for the corporate website.

Did you know?

  1. All facilities are included
  2. Always the best prices
  3. Unique animation during all school holidays
  4. Successful for more than 30 years


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With our holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium you are always assured of a wonderful holiday destination. Oostappen Vakantieparken - Holiday for everyone!