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At all Oostappen Group Vacation Parks you can choose from a number of accommodations:



Oostappen Group Vacation Tent

Are you a true camper or want to get a taste of the adventure of spending the night in a tent? Wish to avoid the hassle of packing and unpacking and pitching and striking your tent?Then the completely ready Oostappen Group Vacation Tent is the solution for you. A great bungalow tent with all the conveniences: from refrigerator tot coffeemaker and from garden set with free Oostappen Group parasol to luxurious beds: all complete and ready.

All you need to do is pack !


Comfort Homes

You get that extra deluxe vacation feeling from our comfort homes available at all our parks in a range of sizes and models.

Always including deluxe furnished seating area with TV and space heater, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, 4-hob range and kitchen inventory. Bathroom with toilet, wash basin and shower, and obviously a complete garden set including Oostappen Group parasol.

Some comfort homes even come with a canopied deck. All comfort homes provide you with all the room to have a very comfortable vacation!


Large Family Comforthomes

Uniek zijn deze zeer ruime comforthomes met 4 aparte slaapkamers. Ideaal voor grote gezinnen of als Opa en Oma ook gezellig meegaan op vakantie. Alle luxe van thuis en lekker genieten van uw welverdiende vakantie!


A bit more spacious in layout and more luxurious are our great chalets.

These you find in many different models at nearly all parks. A spacious terrace with furniture and Oostappen Group parasol, a spacious furnished living room with TV and space heater or central heating, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, 4-hob range and kitchen inventory.

And obviously a bathroom with shower, wash basin and toilet. At Recreation Park Prinsenmeer you can even rent a special chalet (Junior Prinsenchalet) with extra facilities for the little ones.

Our chalets offer everything to provide you with a top vacation or a weekend or midweek break.



At Recreation Parks Parelstrand and Zilverstrand you find great bungalows.

These bungalows are suitable for enjoying your vacation in every season of the year. When temperatures drop you can light the space heater or an open fire. There is a spaciously arranged furnished living room, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, 4-hob range and kitchen inventory.

The bathroom has a toilet, wash basin and shower.

Obviously you find a spacious terrace with garden set and Oostappen Group parasol.

A vacation in one of our bungalows is a great vacation offering a high degree of luxury and comfort.



Looking for the comfort of a bungalow and have other happy vacationers near you?

Then the apartments at Recreation Parks Blayoure Meer and Hengelhoef are an interesting option for you. Spacious apartments offering, like all our other rental accommodations, all the conveniences: a furnished seating area with TV and central heating, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, 4-hob range and kitchen inventory, bathroom with toilet, shower and wash basin.

Our apartments are set in beautiful locations with a view of the playground allowing you to keep an eye on the children from your terrace or balcony, which come obviously with furniture and ‘Oostappen Group’ parasol.


Camping Hotel

Your deluxe hotel room at the campsite.

Want even more exclusive enjoyment? Then this new concept of the Camping Hotel is perfect for you.

A deluxe chalet, furnished as a hotel room, with the service you would expect. From towel pack to breakfast service. Box spring, flat screen TV, bathroom with tub, massage shower and toilet. Kitchen with refrigerator and Senseo coffeemaker. Veranda with complete garden set and Oostappen Group parasol.

These accommodations provide the level of luxury you get at a five-star hotel!

Did you know?

  1. All facilities are included
  2. Always the best prices
  3. Unique animation during all school holidays
  4. Successful for more than 30 years


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